Dr. med. Monika v. Rantzau

Dr. med. Monika v. Rantzau studied medicine at the TH Aachen and the Universität zu Lübeck, and is a medical specialist for psychotherapy. She also completed extensive training in couples therapy and systemic structural analysis. Since 1986 Dr. v. Rantzau has been working in her own psychotherapy practice in Ahrensburg near Hamburg. Moreover, for many years she acted in an executive position in various medium-sized enterprises in the fields of product development and the marketing of healthy ecological furniture. By linking theoretical concepts and practical experiences, Dr. v. Rantzau commits herself primarily to clear structures, within which each human-being can unfold his/her specific capabilities. Among her core competencies are:

  • one-on-one coaching and transitory situations
  • partner-coaching for executive boards and families
  • mediation during generational change in family businesses
  • group seminars in case of mobbing and burn-out
In particular the “hidden champions” in Germany show that clear objectives and careful human resource development secure sustainable above-average success. Motivated employees, higher levels of efficiency, and a better work-live-balance for everyone are achievable. Personal contact details can be found under www.psychotherapeuticum.de

Especially during the world financial crisis we see that the soft facts are evidently far harder than the so called hard facts. What is commonly called trust has been lost. In his social theory Prof. Luhmann understood trust as a reduction of complexity: “Who accords trust, anticipates the future. He acts as if he was sure of the future.”
Trust in others requires a solid self-confidence as well as the knowledge of one's own strengths and weaknesses. Such a self-conscious individuality can also tolerate and encourage more self-reliance in others – that is how employees are motivated to perform creatively, while leadership becomes exciting and the enterprise benefits from the diversity of resources.