Dr. Fried Burkert

Dr. Fried Burkert (born in 1960) studied geography, history, chemistry, and botany at the University of Münster and Bochum, and in 1987 graduated with a master's degree in geography. Subsequently he continued his studies in ecology at the University of Essen and obtained his doctorate in 1992 within the interdisciplinary BMFT project “Ökologisches Forschungsprogramm Hannover“ (Ecological Research Program Hanover), to become Dr. rer. Nat. in the field of “Urban Climatology”.

As early as 1986 he assumed advisory functions for public institutions such as the KVR and private sector companies. Initially these were conducted in fundamental research and urban planning, then within legal planning authorization procedures and regional planning, as well as mediation processes. Until 1998 Dr. Burkert worked as branch manager of an engineering office based in Dessau, Saxony-Anhalt.

In the mid-1990s, due to particularly high demand in the newly-formed German states, the placement of qualified personnel and executives in the private sector became his occupational focus. In the year 2000 this was followed by the foundation of the Dr. Burkert Personalberatung Gmbh, based in Sprockhövel. In April 2008 this became the Dr. Burkert Pesonalberatung based in Dortmund.

Since summer semester 2008, Dr. Fried Burkert has been lecturer with focus on coaching at the Juristische Fakultät of the Ruhr-University Bochum.

Strengthening strengths, weakening weaknesses.

Although the solution toward progress many a times is quite obvious [because it is hidden in one's own reserves], it seldom is identified and seized. As an insider the entrepreneur is simply too close to the product for too long so as to reassess his product-specific advantage time and time again. Therefore we are happy to support you as an “outside-positioned” consultant in order to make better use of good capabilities while at the same time minimizing weaknesses.