Dr. -Ing. Ralf Kankura

As graduate of RWTH Aachen University in the field of process engineering, Dr. -Ing Ralf Kankura can look back on 30 years of professional experience that he acquired in internationally operating enterprises with foci on investment realization and R&D activities. As technical manager/director for building and managing centres of competence in the previously mentioned fields, he has proven his qualities in terms of organization and integration. He has given priority to the selection and training of personnel as well as their motivation.

In his professional career at medium-sized and subsidiary companies, he handled and managed investment volumes of approx. € 300 million. The biggest single project comprised € 45 million, and he participated in substantially bigger projects. Concurrently he was also responsible for maintenance and servicing, and took charge of individual units and installations.

He worked for manufacturing companies in the chemical industry (polymers) and the building material industry, and planned the construction of respective production facilities.

Although most of the bigger investments were prototypical in nature, Dr Kankura achieved budget-specific realizations in his areas of responsibility through consistent management and organizational built-up. For many of these projects he had to compete against hard in-house competition for the location.

His professional experience derives from managerial responsibilities, the engineering of concept planning and proof of economic viability, as well as the subsequent carrying out of authorization processes, detailed planning procedures and implementations. In doing so Dr Kankura was supported both by his own engineers as well as contract engineers. Elements of Dr. Kankuras responsibilities comprised the procurement of equipment and additionally bought-in services, system start up and operation, and the fulfilment of performance figures.

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