Dr.-Ing. Erich Pabst

Dr. -Ing. Erich Pabst studied geography, geology, ecology and pedology at the Ludwigs-Maximilian-Universität and the Technische Universität in Munich. From the start he specialized in the study of the tropics. Both his diploma thesis and dissertation were written in the Amazon region, the latter of which for the Universität-Gesamthochschule Kassel.

The preservation of the tropical rainforests and traditional cultures, as well as the issue of sustainable development were of great concern to him as early as the 1980s. This he tried to realize through lectures, scientific consulting, collaboration in associations, and participation in conferences. He founded various associations and scientific work groups, and was actively involved in the organization and realization of exhibitions, lecture series, and other related events.

In his advisory capacity, he concentrates on the Brazilian Amazon region. Customers comprise governmental authorities, private businesses, and environmental organizations. Here key activities are the creation and protection of nature reserves with the involvement of the local population, and the generation of income by utilizing the rainforest in a way that is environmentally sound. Important aspects are fair trade and the sustainable utilization of natural ecosystems.

A central field of activity is the collaboration in documentary movies, within which Dr. Pabst has worked as researcher, author and producer for numerous German broadcasting corporations.

Since 1999 Dr. Pabst has been living in Manaus, Brazil, where he manages, amongst other things, the Association Hileia. Other fields of activity are the development and implementation of eco-touristic programs, schemes and investments.

Due to his 30 years of experience in the Amazon region, Dr. Pabst is considered an outstanding expert not only of nature and culture, but also of those unwritten local rules, which are a prerequisite for successful operations in this region.

Fore[knowledge], Foresight, Prudence

Impulse provision, conceptualization, leadership, communication, product innovation, service optimization, workflow improvement, and growth in profitability – clearly that takes a lot of commitment and most of all time, time needed to think ahead, to think back, and to think laterally. Not to mention the implementation. Yet sometime someone will most certainly make the first step. Why not you? Why not now? Best with us! Before you [and we] are beaten to it.