With growth figures of around five per cent annually, Latin America has been booming for several years. Democracy and economic expansion in the subcontinent's core countries have improved the people's living conditions.
In 2008 economic growth in Latin America is expected to reach 5.5 per cent again. This means that in merely five years a cumulative growth of 34 per cent will be attained. In consequence, the purchasing power of the population increases and a new middle class emerges, whose economic basis is not the state but primarily the market. Moreover, the resistance of the region's national economies to negative external influences has consolidated.
Latin America's abundance of natural resources, energy sources, and agricultural potential plays an increasingly important role in the positioning of the region in the world economy. Rising wages, growing private investments, and expanding credit volumes strengthen the region's domestic economic activity. Therefore the Latin American boom can continue for several years to come. On the one hand the region's anticipated high growth rates for 2008 are a good basis for progress in overcoming the pressing structural problems. On the other hand the attractiveness of Latin America as trading and investment partner for German firms will further increase.
In the long term Latin America can supply almost everything that Asia needs to further its economic advancement. This is a good basis for a stable strategic collaboration, especially as there is no early prospect of an end to Asia's strong demand for Latin American goods. Therefore the prices for Latin American export products will remain at a high level. After four years of economic boom the resistance of Latin America to external disruptions has grown.

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"Latin America is no priority for Europe. Nonetheless we Latinos love the old continent, but we cannot succeed in arousing its enthusiasm for us. Many things we do not understand: For example the Chinese make themselves at home everywhere, do neither bother about democracy nor human rights, and the Europeans do not even take notice of that. Yet they should get more involved with us out of strategic self-interest alone, and I believe that at least in Germany people have begun to see it that way"

So z.B. Francisco Santos Calderón, Vizepräsident Kolumbiens, in der WELT vom 12.04.2008.