1. The Clothing and Textile Industry

Main Consulting Activities

Labels and similar products as

  • design and marketing instruments
  • information carriers
  • means to fight brand imitation
  • management tools for production, logistics and marketing
  • after sales-management

Presentation and counselling interview (1-3 days) regarding the following subjects:

  • presentation of the entire product range
  • conceivable technological change, possible consequences
  • extension of the service and supply portfolio in the original market
  • foreseeable changes with customers
  • potential additional benefits with the hitherto produced and delivered products
  • competitive analysis
  • barcode – transponder, changes in the particular service and supply portfolio
  • collection planning and arrangement
Fees are based on daily rates plus travel expenses and value-added tax.

Interim management no longer than 12 months above-mentioned subject areas in respective companies.

  • Time expenditure is project-dependant and no longer than 6 months.
  • Fees are based on daily rates plus travel expenses and value-added tax.

Fore[knowledge], Foresight, Prudence

Impulse provision, conceptualization, leadership, communication, product innovation, service optimization, workflow improvement, and growth in profitability – clearly that takes a lot of commitment and most of all time, time needed to think ahead, to think back, and to think laterally. Not to mention the implementation. Yet sometime someone will most certainly make the first step. Why not you? Why not now? Best with us! Before you [and we] are beaten to it.