Industrial Research and Development

Main Consulting Activities

From the idea to the finished product

  • analysis of innovative potential
  • management of R&D
  • integration of external resources
  • cost control for research projects
  • financing of R&D
  • R&D departments as service unit
  • billable services of R&D – departments/sections within company structures
  • departments/sectors within company structures

The consultant/expert adviser Dr.-Ing. Heinz Tischer

Who is full of the present, has lost the hunger for the future.

Research, development, product portfolio, manufacturing, marketing, management: there are many starting points of how to intensify and optimize the understanding and exploitation of one's potential and resources. Whether additional chances for success are embedded in home-made product innovations, further marketing ideas, or not yet established contacts, the answer will only be found by someone who “hungrily” searches for it .
That is exactly where the passionate competence and the competent passion of Tischer-Consulting lies. We take the strongest impact, target your company's most convincing product or service benefit, your unique selling proposition, and analyse the singular product advantage from a new perspective. For us this is an ideal basis for repositioning, the successful acquisition of new customers, and last but not least a more enduring customer loyalty for you.