Personnel Consultation

Main Consulting Activities

1. Personnel Recruitment/Qualification Upgrades for Personnel

2. Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is a work-related consultation, whose emphasis is not the examination of job-specific and task-related issues. As a matter of fact personal coaching is the challenging and further development of personal resources with reference to problems in team dynamics and task-related issues.
There are psychological questions that can be treated when examining the possible ratio/proportion of personal capabilities and tasks. But there are also depth psychological issues, meaning issues not in the sphere of the consciousness, which explain why people impede themselves or let themselves be impeded from the optimal use of their personal capacities for the solution of tasks.
The step by step testing of new patterns of action and new mindsets, with the aid of revealing unconscious aspects of the personal motivation, are not supposed to serve therapeutic purposes but to improve work efficiency, which will naturally also increase personal satisfaction.

Strengthening strengths, weakening weaknesses.

Although the solution toward progress many a times is quite obvious [because it is hidden in one's own reserves], it seldom is identified and seized. As an insider the entrepreneur is simply too close to the product for too long so as to reassess his product-specific advantage time and time again. Therefore we are happy to support you as an “outside-positioned” consultant in order to make better use of good capabilities while at the same time minimizing weaknesses.