Brazil is more than just coffee, Samba, and soccer, and has much more to offer than just the established clichés. The fifth biggest country in the world has grown to become a member of the ten leading industrial nations, with a gross domestic product after purchasing power parity that comes second among all American countries, and is even ahead of industrial nations such as Canada. This shows that Brazil has an exceptionally high economic potential, and there are three main reasons for this: advanced industrialization, political stability, and an abundance of raw materials. Likewise the South American Trade Union Mercosul strengthens the Latin American markets and provides the Brazilian economy with far-reaching possibilities. Apart from the Latin American states, the USA and the European Union are Brazil's most important trading partners. Moreover, in terms of foreign trade, the People's Republic of China is increasingly gaining in importance. With the Manaus Free Zone in the Amazon region, the biggest South American country possesses yet another aspiring and dynamic industrial base. By now the majority of the Brazilian mobile phone and motorcycle production comes from the “jungle”. In 2007 the total turnover of companies located in this region reached two-digit growth rates.

Main Consulting Activities

1. Scientific Work:

  • Preparation and realization of scientific expeditions into the Amazon region
  • Supervision of scientific work treating topics related to this region
  • Cooperation initiation with local scientific institutions
  • Assisstance in the obtaining of research permits
  • Obtaining of necessary permits to enter nature reserves and Indian reservations for the purpose of scientifc research

2. Documentary Movies:

  • Preparation and realization of documentary and wildlife movies
  • Script writing for documentary movies
  • Realization of documentary movies with local support and equipment

3. Expeditions:

  • Guiding of both scientific expeditions as well as demanding tourist expeditions
  • Planning of individual expeditions (adventure travel)

4. Project Support:

  • Provision of assisstance and supervision of measures concerning species conservation and the protection of the tropical rainforest
  • Creation and supervision of nature reserves

5. Research:

  • Research into sociopolitical, ecological and biological topics

The consultant/expert adviser

Dr. Erich Pabst

“I am proud of this versatile Brazil that I am a part of. Where everything is still open, and you can look into the future envisioning a utopia; where nature is magnificent and beautiful; all life flourishes - and the sun never stays away for long”

- João Ubaldo Ribeiro